Africa’s growing bancassurance market demands qualified professionals to guide clients through the insurance process. Strong products knowledge of insurance products against the other financial service products is therefore paramount to be able to meet clients’ financial needs.

The CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments) has launched this qualification in Africa in partnership with CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) as part of the Chartered Body Alliance.

The Award in Bancassurance is an important first step in developing your career in bancassurance. It provides a solid grounding in the relevant core financial, life assurance and insurance products, and offers guidance on what constitutes sound professional practice thereby providing a framework for ethical behavior.


The qualification is suitable for:


  1. Firms wishing to increase their staff knowledge in this area and could use this qualification in induction
  2. Financial advisors and Insurance agents wanting to get a basic bancassurance knowledge, this qualification can lead to further areas of study or practice in this area
  3. Perfect entry point for school leavers or those just beginning a career in bancassurance.


  1.  The financial services and insurance and the Bancassurance
  2. The main insurance products
  3. Savings and Investments products
  4. Retirement Planning products
  5. The importance of the client fact find and how to identify client
  6. What constitutes good and ethical client

Exam Details

Customized Training Solution


We understand that most participants for this program are busy professionals and have therefore developed a flexible training model that includes a tutor-guided on line support complementing face to face classroom training. We then take our students through weekly quizzes and automated Mock examinations that mimics the real examination.


The training structure will be 8 weeks with a 5 Day block sessions. The block sessions will be done during week 5 – 8 and can also be done on consecutive Saturdays.

To ensure that employees internalize the training for purposes of effective application in their workplace and passing the exam, there will be weekly quizzes and Mock exams to prepare for the final exam.

Deliver Comprehensive Organization-wide Training

Our experienced staff will work closely with you to deliver the training and manage the training project.


 i. Individual Cost for Award in Bancassurance

 Training Fees @ Kshs 80,000 per module 80,000.00

16% VAT                                  –                           12,800.00

TOTAL                                  –                         92, 800.00

 ii. Payment to CISI

CISI Registration                                                                              £16.00

CISI Exam and study material for Award in Bancassurance         £120.00

Total £136.00 (Est. Kshs 19,720.00)

GRAND TOTAL – Kshs 111,800.00

There is no CISI registration fee if you have previously sat for a CISI exam.

In House Costs can be discussed depending on the number of staff. Minimum for In House is 10 employees.


For More Information:

Esther Nina Oloo ACSI

Head of Business Development,

Tel 0715828218