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The RIMS-CRMP certification defines the highest achievement of risk management competencies for the risk management professional. Individuals who earn the RIMS-CRMP have demonstrated their knowledge and competency in the area of risk management, and are dedicated to upholding high standards of ethical and professional conduct. It represents the standard of education, experience and integrity that the discipline requires. Individuals who earn and retain the RIMS-CRMP certification are required to pass a rigorous exam, uphold an established Code of Ethics and meet certification maintenance requirements. Typically RIMS-CRMPs have expertise in risk management and have chosen to supplement their existing professional knowledge by earning the RIMS-CRMP certification. RIMS-CRMPs may use the credential to establish credibility within their organization and among risk management professionals. Adding the RIMS-CRMP certification to your professional profile verifies that you have achieved the level of expertise, education and experience required to successfully manage risk and create value for your organization. The RIMS-CRMP certification holds official accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012 therefore making it the only risk management certification in the world to hold accredited status. The Certification programme through Africa Risk Institute complements other study resources needed to prepare for the RIMS-CRMP exam. The course design has been inspired by the RIMS-CRMP Certification programme. Your enrolment in our program greatly helps but does not guarantee a pass in the RIMS-CRMP certification exam.


All activities of an organization involve risk. Organizations manage risk by identifying it, analyzing it and then evaluating whether the risk should be treated in order for the organization to achieve its stated objectives. Throughout this process, they communicate and consult with stakeholders and monitor and review the risk and the controls that are modifying the risk in order to ensure that no further risk treatment is required.

The Certified Risk Management Professional has been carefully designed to help managers and executives deepen their knowledge and skills in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) concepts, processes, tools and frameworks. The programme enables management and executives to adopt a holistic view of risk exposure and improve the alignment between strategy, risk and performance of an organization.


The programme uniquely offers a compelling 3-in-1 value proposition:

  1. Build ERM competencies to make strategic decisions and optimize the risk/return trade-offs to achieve sustainable growth.
  2. Provide a pathway to earn the only globally recognized and accredited RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) certification by RIMS (The Risk and Insurance Management Society)
  3. Gain access to the prestigious global networks of Africa Risk Institute Alumni and The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).

The scope of RIMS-CRMP:

A risk management professional is a partner who supports the organization to leverage the opportunities and uncertainties associated with its goals and objectives. They lead the development and implementation of risk management practices that enable the organization to make risk-effective decisions that create and sustain value.

Why earn the prestigious RIMS-CRMP

Certification is an investment in your career and in the future of your employer. Certification is the mark of excellence. Becoming a RIMS-CRMP demonstrates your command of risk management competencies and capacity to compete in an evolving industry. Employers know that RIMS-CRMPs have a high level of knowledge, skills and experience. It also establishes you as a continuous learner which demonstrates your commitment to being among the best in your profession.

After going through this CRMP training program you’ll be equipped sufficiently and be adequately prepared to sit the RIMS-CRMP exam which offers the following key benefits

  • Global accreditation: The RIMS-CRMP certification holds official accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012 which is recognized globally.
  • Real-world competencies and practical experience: The RIMS-CRMP program is designed to cover the key duties that risk management professionals are expected to perform.
  • Recertification: RIMS-CRMPs must re-certify every two years by earning 50 recertification points. Re-certifying shows your commitment to the profession and your continued competence.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate professional responsibility: RIMS-CRMP holders are required to uphold and abide by a Code of Ethics thus employers will know that you’re an ethical professional.
  • Show Your Proficiency: The RIMS-CRMP certification is a benchmark of expertise in the risk management profession. Earning your RIMS-CRMP shows that you are qualified to identify, develop and manage risk for your organization.
  • Achievement: Prove your knowledge of standard risk management competencies.\
  • Competitiveness: Gain a competitive advantage over your peers.
  • Recognition: Elevate your status and prestige and enhance your professional reputation. Anyone who sees “RIMS-CRMP” after your name will know you are an experienced, credible and ethical member of the profession.
  • Professional Development: Continue to advance your education and stay up-to-date on the most current risk management trends and practices. This shows your dedication to professional development and ensures that your knowledge will grow along with industry trends/practices.

RIMS-CRMP Eligibility Requirements

All applicants for the RIMS-CRMP certification must meet these requirements:

  • Degree Requirement

Bachelor’s degree or higher in Risk Management with 1 year full-time work experience in risk management OR

Bachelor’s degree with 3 years full-time work experience in Risk Management

  • Non Degree Requirement

7 years management experience.

NB: Risk Management Experience is occupational experience that leverages the opportunities and uncertainties associated with an organization’s goals and objectives. This includes implementing, developing or leading the risk management practices that enable an organization to make risk-effective decisions that create and sustain value.


The RIMS-CRMP certification examination is offered 4 times a year, and each test window is open for approximately 60 days. Candidates will receive notification of eligibility to take the exam that will contain an authorization to test within 6 months. The exam must be taken within the 6 month timeframe for which they are authorized or the examination fee will be forfeited and the candidate will be required to reapply as a new applicant.




Intake on-going!

What Will I Learn?

  • UNDERSTAND how to improve profits and performance through better alignment of strategy, risks and returns.
  • GAIN A HOLISTIC VIEW of the full spectrum of risks throughout your organization, and manage risks more effectively as an interrelated portfolio rather than as individual “silos”.
  • IDENTIFY, ASSESS AND ADDRESS RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES in a proactive manner, thus protecting and maximizing value for the stakeholders.
  • INTEGRATE ERM INTO STRATEGY-SETTING AND DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS for long-term growth and sustainability.
  • LEARN from various case studies on the impact of poor Risk Management practices.
  • NETWORK with other Risk Management professionals in a fun environment and benchmark your Risk Management knowledge with your peers.
  • GAIN KNOWLEDGE that's useful for you to sit for the RIMS-CRMP exam.
  • Accumulate CPD Points for your on-going professional development.

Topics for this course


Analyzing the organizational Business Model

Designing Organizational Risk Strategies

Implementing the Risk Process

Developing Organizational Risk Competency

Supporting Decision Making

About the instructors

Kefa has over 20 years senior-level experience in banking, finance and risk management. He holds a diploma in Risk Management in Finance and Banking (RMIFB) from Sweden and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. He has a unique resume that combines practical experience in Banking and Financial advisory. In Banking, he held various relevant senior level positions including credit analyst, internal auditor, branch manager, relationship Manager, remedial and recovery manager, and Head of Credit Risk Management. He also served on various management and board Committees within the Banking industry related to Credit Risk Management, among others. In advisory; he has developed a reputation as an accomplished trainer and consultant who has carried out various assignments in Risk Management in Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone, among others. His training assignments have been in diverse areas of Banking including Trade Finance, Credit risk management, enterprise risk management, and operational risk management, among
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Samwel brings on board over 5 years consulting and project management experience across geographies and a deep understanding of stakeholder management in his Risk Management engagements. Notably, he has successfully coordinated global digital transformation projects, undertaken strategic marketing projects, and delivered on financial risk management assignments for a variety of clients operating in financial, healthcare and energy industries. His track record is a testament to his problem-solving abilities with a view to develop win-win solutions with both his team and project stakeholders. He qualified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) in 2011 while still in college and later joined KPMG as a Risk Management consultant. He worked at KPMG until 2015 when he voluntarily left to pursue his MBA in China. Upon conclusion of his MBA, he worked overseas on challenging assignments involving strategy and change management. He returned to Kenya in 2019 and re-joined KMPG but has since left to concentrate on his personal engagements. Samwel trains on FRM qualification as this has been his passion since the time he qualified.
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$1,850.00 $1,750.00


  • To be eligible too enrol, one requires either a Bachelor's degree or higher in risk management AND one year of full-time work experience (or full-time equivalent) in risk Management OR
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in a non-risk management area of study AND three years fill-time work experience in risk management
  • For someone without a degree, the requirement is seven years of risk management experience PLUS possession of a certificate in risk management that counts towards two years of risk management experience

Target Audience

  • CEOs
  • Board Directors
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Managers in Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Banking Professionals
  • Internal Auditors and Accountants
  • Legal Professionals
  • Leaders of SMEs
  • Executives who desire to grow their knowledge in ERM to enhance their professional value
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Risk Managers and Analysts
  • Functional Heads
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Compliance personnel
  • Regulatory and supervisory professionals
  • Business Managers
  • Consultants interested in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Managers and executives interested in achieving the prestigious RIMS-CRMP certification